Trademark Law in China - Pirates in the Middle Kingdom: The New Frontier, 3rd Edition


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Trademark Law in China - Pirates in the Middle Kingdom: The New Frontier
Dec 2016
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The Third Edition of Trademark Law in China provides a comprehensive analysis of China’s developing trademark laws. Application of relevant rules in regulations are neatly illustrated by case studies and useful appendices include translations of the Chinese Intellectual Property and Trademark laws, related notices and regulations and cases decided by the Chinese Supreme People’s Court. Not merely stating the relevant law, the book elaborates on how the law complies with international conventions and treaties, such as TRIPS and the practicalities of registration, use and enforcement of trademarks in China.

Furthermore, this new edition addresses other recent developments in related areas of China intellectual property law, such as the implementation of the new Advertising Law. Mr. Loke-Khoon Tan, the Partner and head of Baker & McKenzie’s Intellectual Property Practice Group, has strategically interwoven new and compelling cases and statistics throughout the book, which will elucidate the way in which the laws governing trademark rights are enforced in China. The book also features two new chapters: (i) the first on trade secrets; and (ii) the other on intellectual property issues in 3-D printing.


  • Analysis of the revised PRC Trademark Law;
  • New cases discussed;
  • Updated statistics provided;
  • Trade Secrets Chapter (New Chapter);
  • 3-D Printing Chapter (New Chapter);
  • Practical tips for protecting intellectual property in China; and
  • Discussion of many updated Laws/Regulations – a few examples include: (i) The Advertising Law ­– 2015; (ii) The Patent Law – 2010 Amendment; (iii) The Regulations for the Protection of Computer Software (the “Software Regulations”) – 2013 Amendment; and the (iv) Draft Anti-monopoly Guideline on Intellectual Property Abuse.


Jurisdiction: China