The Law and Practice of Hong Kong Companies, 3rd Edition


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The Law and Practice of Hong Kong Companies
Nov 2017
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1. Concepts & Regulatory Framework

2. Incorporation of Hong Kong Companies

3. Registration of Hong Kong Branches of Foreign Corporations

4. Public Issues and Listed Companies

5. Share Capital

6. Transactions in Realtion to Share Capital

7. Corporate Finance and Security Interests

8. Officers and Corporate Authority

9. Investigations and Enquiries

10. Meetings, Minutes and Constitutional Changes

11. Accounts, Auditors, Disclosure and Statutory Records

12. Receivership

13. Acquisition of Businesses

14. Family Companies

15. Shareholder Disputes and Remedies

16. Takeovers, Mergers, Amalgamations and Other Reconstructions

17. Voluntary Winding-Up, Deregistration, Reinstatement and Dormant Status

18. Insolvency and Compulsory Winding-Up

19. Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Guarantee Companies, Owners’ Corporations

20. Civil and Criminal Legal Proceedings



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