Journal of International and Comparative Law (JICL)


Journal of International and Comparative Law (JICL)

Dec 2019


JICL promotes international legal research and scholarship encouraging new insights into law in context. In addition to articles by scholars and practitioners on “black letter law,” we welcome interdisciplinary contributions especially those that tangibly link such disciplines as social sciences, economics, international politics, media studies and other fields of research and academic debate that may be more empirically based but of major significance in influencing the focus and reform of law in its national and global contexts.

The June 2019 issue carries interesting and timely articles on diverse topics such as protection of human rights in post-Brexit UK, the Belt and Road initiative, consumer protection in cross border contracts for supply of consumer software in Australia and Philippines, “No Oral Modification” contractual clauses under New York and UK law, and, interpretation of investment treaties, contributed by scholars and practitioners from UK, USA, China, Australia and Philippines. December 2019 will be a special thematic issue on comparative legal studies.

Currently we are receiving submissions for publication in 2020. Submissions may be sent to Professor Anton Cooray at to whom any inquiries may also be directed.