Hong Kong Mediation Handbook, Second Edition


Hong Kong Mediation Handbook, Second Edition

May 2014

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“No other legal development in Hong Kong in recent years has attracted so much widespread interest... as mediation. This handbook is the only one to deal with such an important topic in such depth and breadth … the provisions of real cases and examples are particularly illuminating … [an] excellent work”.

Mr Huen Wong JP, Currently on the Board of Directors of the Hong Kong Airport Authority; Fellow and Past President of the Law Society of Hong Kong

With the enactment of the Mediation Ordinance this past January 2013, Mediation is now the standard procedure before any matter goes to trial

Mediation in Hong Kong has become an increasingly popular and useful dispute resolution mechanism. With the implementation of the Civil Justice Reform in 2009, Practice Direction 31, and more importantly, the Mediation Ordinance, mediation is now widely regarded as an established mode of dispute resolution in its nascent stages that is a useful alternative to the Courts.

This handbook serves not only as a useful general reference for anyone interested in mediation, but also as a tool for those that are thinking about, or in the process of mediation
• Discusses the nature of the Mediation Ordinance with regards to its impact on the status of mediation in Hong Kong
• Includes discussions on all aspects of mediation: from the mediation process, to how parties choose a mediator, to mediation agreements, to enforcement of mediation settlements, to accreditation of mediators, to mediation in family disputes, divorce, family estate disputes, etc, and many other topics
• Helps readers develop highly complex and technical skills with background methodology so that readers can put these skills into practice
• Includes chapters on specialist mediation such as construction disputes, shareholders’ disputes and financial products disputes.
• Extensive real life case studies
• Contains Appendices with useful forms in both English and Chinese that are often used during the mediation process

Written by an author team with experience of mediators
General Editor:
• Ir. Prof. Raymond Hai Ming Leung, PhD. - Honorary Governor and Founding President of the Hong Kong Mediation Centre

Author team:
• Mrs Cecilia Kit Wah Wong
• Ms Beatrice Kit May Hung
• Ms Annita Siu-kwan Mau
• Mr Yeung Yin Lam
• Mr Keswick Chuk
• Ms Allen Lam
• Mr Paul Starr
• Ms Lily Ma
• Mr Wilson Kwan