Tort Law and Practice in Hong Kong, 2nd Edition


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Tort Law and Practice in Hong Kong, 2nd Edition

Nov 2011
Hardcover, 1500 pp

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"My life would have been a lot easier if this book had been around when I was in practice".  Hon Justice Bokhary PJ

The unrivalled reference for Tort Law Practitioners in Hong Kong

Renowned author team of highly experienced practitioners

  • Editor-in-Chief:  The Hon. Mr Justice Bokhary PJ;  General Editors: Neville Sarony QC, SC and Professor DK Srivastava, and a team of expert academics, senior and seasoned practitioners

Detailed, authoritative, up-to-date:

  • Two new chapters: Privacy and Misfeasance in Public Office
  • Encompasses all the changes in Tort Law over an eight year period
  • Provides in-depth treatment in a number of key areas, e.g. professional negligence, nuisance

Content substantially localised to fit the increasing demand in Hong Kong
  • Highlights local jurisprudence rather than international jurisprudence


Tort law has been substantially localised in the past few years with thousands of decisions emanating from the Hong Kong courts. The Court of Final Appeal has delivered seminal judgments on such fundamental areas as duty of care. None of this is surprising given the growth in personal injury litigation, and the relevance of Tort Law to all areas of legal practice. In truth, Tort Law touches all areas of our lives.

Written by leading practitioners and academics, Tort Law and Practice in Hong Kong is the authoritative, comprehensive work for Hong Kong practitioners and is cited with approval in judgments. The new edition has been fully revised, capturing over eight years of recent case law, and a chapter on the emerging area of Data Privacy has been added. The new edition is acutely aware that increasingly the law has a local flavor. At over 1500 pages, its scope is exhaustive; and, with high level of scholarship, in-depth.