Australian Financial Planning Handbook 2016-17


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Australian Financial Planning Handbook 2016-17

Oct 2016

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The Australian Financial Planning Handbook 2016-17 is the ideal companion for any financial planner and/or accountant. With expert and updated coverage of the Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) reforms, 2016-17 Federal Budget measures, superannuation, SMSF and social security changes, ASIC requirements, financial adviser education reforms, robo-advice, recent compliance and regulatory developments and much more, the Australian Financial Planning Handbook saves you research time and increases your ability to meet compliance requirements and provide accurate advice.

Among other things, the Australian Financial Planning Handbook 2016-17:

  • Covers the repeal of the accountants’ licensing exemption from 1 July 2016;
  • Covers in detail the major (and controversial) 2016-17 Federal Budget changes concerning superannuation, plus covers other relevant Budget changes;
  • Covers the latest updates to the FoFA reforms, including ASIC’s focus on financial advice post-FoFA;
  • Details ASIC’s new focus on the culture of financial planners and their firms;
  • Covers the Government's response to the FSI inquiry;
  • Covers the Tax Practitioners Board regulation of tax advice given by financial planners;
  • Extensively covers financial planning compliance requirements (licensing, giving of advice, etc) in 2 distinct chapters;
  • Special coverage of the evolving "hot" issue of robo-advice, including what advice providers should do to prepare;
  • Provides in-depth practical coverage concerning superannuation, as well as impacts on retirement planning and social security benefits;
  • Includes special coverage on SMSFs especially in light of the close attention these funds are receiving from the regulators;
  • Coverage of planned changes to restrict the use of the terms “financial adviser” and “financial planner”;
  • Discusses aged care planning issues in its very own chapter;
  • Coverage of the significant 1 January 2017 changes to the Age Pension Assets Test thresholds;
  • Deals with financial planning issues specifically affecting small business owners, including succession planning;
  • Specifically flags important relevant developments not law or in effect as at 1 August 2016.


The Handbook:

  • focuses strongly on practical financial planning issues;
  • highlights several hundred clearly flagged practical tips and case studies; and
  • includes checklists, examples, and warnings of traps to avoid, many of which have been updated for the new edition.


The Handbook is also indispensable for those new to financial planning and those studying financial planning. It includes special chapters on “Financial planning: getting started” and “The process of financial planning”, as well as superannuation, retirement and estate planning, and issues relating to growing older.

The Australian Financial Planning Handbook is authored by a team of experienced practitioners, planners and business advisers, including:

  • Money Management’s 1996, 2002 and 2004 Financial Planners of the Year 
  • Field specialists from Challenger Limited, Flack Advisory Services, Grant Thornton, McMillan Financial Planning Pty Ltd, Remuneration Strategies Group, Civic Legal, Forte Family Lawyers, and PwC 


No professional adviser or planner should be without the Australian Financial Planning Handbook 2016-17.