Land Titling Law and Practice in NSW


Land Titling Law and Practice in NSW

Jun 2013

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 "For anyone working in the field of conveyancing this book could end up being the one most used in your property and conveyancing law library." Alan West, CEO Australian Institute of Conveyancers NSW.

Land titles law and the need to register dealings to acquire or dispose of an interest in land affect NSW practitioners every day. Yet requisitions and dealings with NSW''s land registry - Land and Property Information (LPI) - can unnecessarily extend the process of administration of an estate, registering a mortgage or resolving a family law matter.

Land Titling Law and Practice in NSW is a practical handbook which assists lawyers and property professionals so that land dealings can be registered at the earliest time after lodgment. It explains how to minimise requisitions and effect a series of transactions with respect to "getting registered" efficiently, using clarifying examples and offering tips and guidance for working with the LPI. The book focuses on the Torrens Register and the types of interests that can be recorded in it, and, most importantly, how interests that are already recorded there may affect the registrability of a client''s proposed transaction. In doing this, it connects those transactions back logically to the principle of indefeasibility of title.

Drawing on Greg Stilianou''s working knowledge of land titling - and of what can go wrong - here is a practice tool for regular reference. For further help, the text is cross-referenced to the Thomson Reuters property subscriptions, including Baalman and Wells & Land Titles Office Practice NSW and Torrens System in NSW. The eBook edition includes links to forms and documents.

Understand the land ownership system in NSW and gain confidence in working with the LPI. By avoiding requisition delays, land dealings can be registered more efficiently, assisting clients in acquiring, disposing or creating a legal estate or interest in land.