Shanahan's Australian Law of Trade Marks and Passing Off, 5th Edition



Sep 2012

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The fifth edition of this seminal work offers a fully revised analysis of the law of trade marks and passing off in Australia. Necessarily the text synthesises and explores the significant changes in trade mark law in the years since the last book edition, in the context of both domestic and international developments. It also explores developments in the law of passing off and its legislative equivalents.

Written initially by Dan Shanahan, an experienced patent attorney with Spruson & Ferguson, throughout its editions this book has maintained its unique combination of practitioner focus with deeper analysis of the law. Professor Mark Davison who specialises in trade marks and e-commerce, co-authors this edition with Ian Horak, barrister at the Victorian Bar practising in intellectual property law.

Offering professionals authoritative commentary from Australia''s leading experts, Shanahan''s Australian Law of Trade Marks and Passing Off continues to be the ideal reference for every trade marks matter.

Supplementing the 5th edition of the book, an expanded online updating edition is also available offering access to a broader suite of content, including current legislation with substantial authored annotations to key sections of the Trade Marks Act 1995 (Cth). The legislation is not available in the book edition.