Electronic Information and the Law


Electronic Information and the Law

Nov 2011

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The authors bring together subjects usually treated in separate texts to explore legal frameworks that exist for electronic information, how organisations handle information, how we communicate electronically and e-government activities.

This work is an excellent guide to have at hand, capturing the challenges and issues facing one’s clients as they use electronic services in their day-to-lives.

For both lawyers and non-legal professionals, particularly those working in IT and their managers, it provides an introduction to each issue, followed with analysis of legal risks and obligations and a discussion of key case law and legislation.

Readers can access consolidated guidance on the legal risks across a range of contexts, including:

  • e-banking,
  • electronic discovery,
  • identity theft,
  • copyright risks for ISP Providers,
  • data protection,
  • web accessibility,
  • cross-border privacy challenges, and
  • privacy issues relating to electronic health records.
  • Electronic Information and the Law provides a much-needed overview of an ever-evolving field of law.

Privacy lawyers, in-house counsel, students, information technology managers and professionals will find this work to be an invaluable resource in their day-to-day work.