Health Care & the Law, 6th Edition


Health Care & the Law

Apr 2014

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Health Care & the Law, now in its sixth edition, provides a detailed and clear examination of legal processes as they relate to health care professionals throughout Australia, with coverage of all Australian jurisdictions.

This sixth edition has been restructured to make it more accessible to the reader and it has also been updated to reflect the rapid pace of change in law as it relates to health care. The seven parts of the text focus on:

• the law, courts and legal processes
• patients’ treatment and consent
• medical liability
• patient information and property
• the health professional
• public health
• crime, discrimination and rights
and it contains new material in separate chapters addressing:
• disciplinary processes and mandatory reporting
• open disclosure
• genetic testing and treatments

With detailed tables of contents, summarised case law, procedural checklists and guidelines, this illuminating, easy-to-read text is an essential resource for health care professionals, teachers and lecturers, students, practitioners and health administrators.