Statutory Interpretation Principles


Statutory Interpretation Principles

Dec 2013

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This text is an adaptation of Interpretation and Use of Legal Sources - The Laws of Australia, designed for student and lecturer use.

Statutory Interpretation Principles – The Laws of Australia provides a comprehensive text for teaching and studying the law of statutory interpretation in Australia, as part of first year, elective and advanced undergraduate courses.

With its clear layout, including summary boxes to enhance The Laws of Australia''s unique propositional style, readers will also benefit from references to further resources contained within The Laws of Australia, to enable additional research and promote deeper understanding.understanding.

Topics include:

  •  approaches to statutory interpretation, from historical rules to the modern approach;
  •  the meaning of words, construction as a whole and canons of construction;
  •  presumptions applicable to statutory interpretation;
  •  the use of extrinsic material as an aid to statutory interpretation;
  •  amendments, repeals and particular kinds of statute, including criminal statutes, taxing statutes and human rights statutes;
  •  subordinate legislation, including:
  •  the language and effect of empowering provisions;
  •  grounds of invalidity of subordinate legislation; and
  •  interpretation of subordinate legislation, including rules of court; and
  •  constitutional interpretation, including both the Commonwealth Constitution and State and Territory Constitutions.

Given the importance and increasing dominance of statutes in contemporary Australian Law, Statutory Interpretation Principles - The Laws of Australia is an essential and continual reference for students and lecturers alike.