Evidence Law in Queensland, 11th Edition


Evidence Law in Queensland

Jun 2016

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Evidence Law in Queensland 11th Edition provides practitioners and students alike with reliable, up-to-date and comprehensive commentary on the Evidence Act 1977 (Qld).

John Forbes has applied his expertise in ten previous editions and once again delivers an authoritative resource for practitioners, law enforcement professionals and students.

The 11th Edition incorporates fresh analysis of legislative and case law developments, including:

  • Amendment to the Evidence Act by the Criminal Law (Domestic Violence) Amendment Act 2015, expanding the class of ‘special witnesses’ to include alleged victims of domestic violence;
  • The addition of more than 120 cases;
  • The High Court’s statement in Fitzgerald v The Queen (2015) that the possibility of ‘secondary transfer’ of DNA may raise a reasonable doubt;
  • Court of Appeal’s ruling in R v Cowan (2015) that a confession secured by an undercover police officer who was not perceived as a “person in authority” may be received in evidence;
  • Ruling in R v Reed (2014) that ‘relationship’ evidence, as circumstantial evidence, does not itself have to be proved beyond reasonable doubt;
  • Decision in R v N (2015) that results of searches and seizures made without a warrant are not immune from exclusion per the Bunning v Cross doctrine;
  • Requirement in Downes v Maxwell Richard Rhys & Co Pty Ltd (in liq) (2014) that an explanation of the difference between submissions and evidence be provided to  unrepresented parties; and
  • Ruling in R v SCJ; Ex parte Attorney-General (Qld) (2015) that a statement by a child witness not competent to give evidence may be admissible under section 93B.


Evidence Law in Queensland 11th Edition renews this title's well-earned reputation for providing essential guidance to the law and practice of evidence in Queensland.