Ross on Crime, 7th Edition


Ross on Crime

Jun 2016

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Ross on Crime Seventh Edition is the only Australian work that considers all aspects of criminal justice - substantive criminal law, criminal procedure, evidence and sentencing – and which does so across all Australian jurisdictions.

The late David Ross Q.C.’s signature title is again updated by Mirko Bagaric, maintaining the book's encyclopedic format and impressive scope.

The Seventh Edition incorporates the considerable changes that have occurred since the last edition published in 2013, including:

  • A discussion of over 30 new High Court cases on criminal justice;
  • An overview of the principle of legality and its impact on the interpretation of criminal statutes;
  • An examination of the impact of the separation of powers doctrine on criminal legislation;
  • An explanation of the role that human rights, including the right to fair trial,  have in shaping criminal legislation;
  • An examination of the relevance of Indigenous status in sentencing; and
  • A discussion of reforms to the sentencing methodology.


Legal practitioners across Australia valued and enjoyed the wisdom and wit of the late David Ross QC over many years and six editions of this unique work.

Mirko Bagaric ensures Ross on Crime continues to impress and inform criminal lawyers, judges and many others.  It is essential for anyone interested in the criminal law.

Ross on Crime is also available as an online subscription service for those requiring frequent updates.