Traffic Law NSW, 16th Edition


Traffic Law NSW

Jun 2015

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Traffic Law NSW 16th Edition is an established and reliable guide to road and traffic legislation in New South Wales, containing the most relevant road transport legislation in one volume, extracted from the Motor Vehicle Law New South Wales subscription service. 

It provides an invaluable source of practical information about motor vehicle law and its application in New South Wales.

This 16th Edition incorporates the significant reform brought about by the commencement of the Road Transport Act 2013, which replaced three of the previous road transport acts: the Road Transport (Driver Licensing) Act 1998, the Road Transport (Safety and Management) Act 1999 and the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Act 1997.

It considers other key developments, 

  • The adoption of the Heavy Vehicle National Law , which
    • replaces  the Road Transport (Vehicle and Driver Management) Act 2005 (formerly known as the Road Transport (General) Act 2005); and
    • includes the new Heavy Vehicles regulations which replace the Road Transport (Vehicle and Driver Management) Regulation 2005 (formerly the Road Transport (General) Regulation 2005);
  • the introduction of the Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program; and
  • the introduction of the Road Rules 2014 (following the staged repeal of the Road Rules 2008).


Many case law developments are considered, including the following matters:

  • Setting aside disqualification does not operate ab initio, in Roads and Maritime Services v Porret [2014];
  • Stay of disqualification pursuant to s 69C of the Supreme Court Act 1970, in Tay v Director of Public Prosecutions (NSW);
  • Sentencing for severe risk breaches of load restraint requirements, in Kemp v KGB Protective Coating Pty Ltd;
  • Elements of the reasonable steps defence, in Western Freight Management Pty Ltd v Roads and Maritime Services (NSW);
  • Sentencing for heavy vehicle exceed speed limit offences in Bimson, Roads and Maritime Services v Damorange Pty Ltd; and
  • Sentencing corporations and directors for heavy vehicle offences in Palfrey v Spiteri and Kemp v Doble Express Transport Pty Ltd.


Traffic Law NSW 16th Edition is an essential guide for legal practitioners, law enforcement personnel and anyone else involved in the application and interpretation of road and traffic law in NSW.