Disability & the Queensland Criminal Justice System


Disability & the Queensland Criminal Justice System

Mar 2012

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This handbook assists practitioners representing people suffering from a mental illness, intellectual disability or acquired brain injury who have been charged with a criminal offence. Drawing on Dan Toombs’ experience with Queensland law, including through establishment of Australia’s first criminal law service for disabled people, it provides both analysis and practical guidance in a critical area of legal practice throughout the country.

Disability and the Queensland Criminal Justice System addresses the fundamental rights of those with mental disability who encounter the criminal law. Addressing this intersection of law and disability is important because the consequences for individuals can be severe even where offences are minor. In Queensland, being categorised as having a relevant disability leads to offenders being dealt with by a Mental Health Court with substantial powers.

Lawyers will better understand, promote, defend and protect rights of those in this situation through their advice and advocacy. Typically working under pressure of time, the book helps them identify when issues should be pursued, and then by what means. Effective use of case studies and examples also helps equip case workers, medical practitioners and those supporting disabled people facing the criminal justice system to understand rights and obligations under the Mental Health Act 2000 (Qld), and helps all practitioners apply these insights in other jurisdictions.

The author’s experience and support from The Advocacy and Support Centre Inc (TASC) combine in a powerful handbook that can change people’s lives.