Guide to Proceedings in the Western Australian State Administrative Tribunal


Guide to Proceedings in the Western Australian State Administrative Tribunal

Jul 2012

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Guide to Proceedings in the WA State Administrative Tribunal is the only clear, thorough, and practical guide for any lawyer or non-lawyer who appears in this recently established and rapidly evolving “super Tribunal”.

The authors, His Honour Judge David Parry and Dr Bertus De Villiers, drawing on specialist expertise in the operations of the Tribunal, provide readers with a practical and dynamic overview of the conduct of proceedings in SAT, from their commencement to conclusion. The succinct yet thorough approach of this book is intended to be consistent with the ethos and essence of SAT as a tribunal, not a court, tasked with the quick, just, and proportionate resolution of disputes .

“While a book with an intentionally practical focus, aimed at informing a general readership about the primary rules by which SAT proceedings are conducted, the learned authors also provide a veritable mine of principles upon which the rules are based. They cover everything from the making of the initiating application on the SAT Wizard to knowing whether costs can be ordered at the conclusion of a proceeding, and how mediation and other forms of facilitative dispute resolution are conducted in between. In the hands of the citizen conducting their own proceeding in SAT or those of the professional representative of a party in SAT, I am sure this book will prove to be an indispensable guide to the correct way to do things in SAT and to the guiding principles in all areas of SAT’s practice.