Australian Civil Procedure, 11th Edition


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Australian Civil Procedure

Sep 2016

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Now in its eleventh edition, Australian Civil Procedure maintains its standing as Australia’s most authoritative work in its field. With its detailed analysis of the law and its scholarly discussion of issues, this work provides a comprehensive treatment of the civil justice system in Australia. The eleventh edition brings the statutory and rule-based frameworks in all Australian jurisdictions entirely up to date and is essential reading for students and practitioners navigating the Australian civil justice system. Key additions and alterations to this edition include:

  • nature and sources of procedural law including
  • authority for making rules of court;
  • authority for issuing practice directions;
  • procedural discretion;
  • the continuing discussion about the institutional integrity of State courts to exercise federal jurisdiction;
  • the court’s role in balancing due process and efficiency in managing civil litigation;
  • pre-trial court directions and managing the trial, including litigation in special lists;
  • vexatious litigants;
  • personal injury pleadings;
  • amending pleadings and court documents and the overriding objective of justice and efficiency;
  • amendments and limitation periods;
  • amendment adding a new cause of action;
  • correcting a mistake in the name of a party or adding another party;
  • disclosure or discovery of documents, including court supervision of disclosure;
  • offers of compromise, including the costs implications of rejecting or not accepting an offer;
  • renewing interlocutory applications;
  • suppression and non-publication orders;
  • appeals, including Victorian provisions for leave to appeal.