Directors at Work: A Practical Guide for Boards


Directors at Work: A Practical Guide for Boards

Sep 2012

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Directors at Work: A Practical Guide for Boards is a practical tool for directors and boards looking to implement leading practice corporate governance in their organisations. This book discusses contemporary issues in corporate governance, ways in which boards, directors and their advisers can be effective, and ways to improve their governance processes and procedures. Directors at Work also discusses board behavioural dynamics, which deals with the types of behaviours that either support or destroy good governance, an area that is at the heart of effective decision making by any board.

The centerpiece of Directors at Work is The Corporate Governance Practice Framework. A complete down-to-earth approach to ensure your board is meeting all of its governance responsibilities, while recognizing that these is no “one-size-fits-all”. It is a framework which has been adopted by a large number of organisations as the basis for their governance documentation.

Authored by leading practitioners and academics in the corporate governance area, the recommendations contained in this book are practical and specific, and based on extensive research, discussions with hundreds of Australian directors, and lessons learned in the field as some of Australia’s most experienced governance consultants.