Winterton's Australian Federal Constitutional Law: Commentary & Materials, 3rd Edition


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Sep 2013

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Since the first edition in 1999, Winterton’s Australian Federal Constitutional Law: Commentary and Materials has established itself as one of the most respected constitutional law reference works.

This book is intended primarily for teaching purposes and contains material covered in virtually all Australian Federal Constitutional Law courses, and, in its third edition, Public Law courses as well. The essential topics are examined in depth to promote greater insight into constitutional principles, judicial reasoning and overall assessment of the work of the High Court. It includes commentary and materials which will also be of assistance to advanced students, scholars and researchers, as well as to judges and lawyers.

This third edition incorporates recent developments in the law since the last edition and adds:

·        A new chapter on the executive and executive power;

·        A new chapter on constitutional fundamentals;

·        A new chapter on constitutional interpretation;

·        Discussion on Pape (2009), Williams (2012), Monis (2013) and other recent implied rights cases,

·        Discussion on the new “Kable” cases and other recent Chapter III cases;

·        Significant updates of all existing chapters.


Winterton’s Australian Federal Constitutional Law includes reviews all of the important constitutional decisions of the High Court of Australia and analyses of the issues that arise in those decisions. The layout of this book has been improved to promote understanding of this complex and important field.