An Introduction to Advocacy, 2nd Edition


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An Introduction to Advocacy

Mar 2011
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An Introduction to Advocacy, 2nd Edition is a guide to the skills of advocacy for those new to the courtroom. It concentrates on the basics necessary to conduct an effective trial. The book takes you through the trial process step by step. At each stage the author provides helpful tips and practical examples designed to show the principles of good advocacy at work. 

  • Geared toward conducting a trial before a judge alone, this book reflects the reality that most new practitioners will commence their courtroom careers in the lower courts. However, the principles of advocacy that are outlined will hold new counsel in good stead at all levels of the court hierarchy.
  • The second edition includes new chapters on:
    • written submissions
    • special witnesses
    • making oral submissions
    • introducing and using exhibits
    • impeachment
    • the ethics of advocacy.
  • Accessible, amusing and informative, An Introduction to Advocacy, 2nd Edition is the essential starting point for those about to step into court for the first time and those who make only occasional appearances.

Jurisdiction: Civil Procedure and Evidence